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Other Project Samples

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Other Project Samples



Scheduling & Management Tool

Energy Client

Enterprise | Web & Mobile Concept | multi-device ecosystem

The client approached my company to perform research at their various sites to uncover opportunities and address pain points and business needs. The team discovered that a large amount of manual work is required to distribute work across facilities due to poor work planning and a highly reactive attitude towards incoming work. 

In order to solve for this, we proposed automating and optimizing their work scheduling and forecasting based on real-time tracking of human utilization and equipment availability across all their sites. 

I was not part of the research portion of this project, but I did come in to design concept screens for our proposed solution. The concept screens show an automated work schedule screen, a manager dashboard view with insight into utilization, resources and goal metrics, and an optimized delivery process that allows for better distribution of equipment based on scheduling needs. 



Customer Portal

Energy Client

Enterprise | Android Native | MVP

The client approached us to create an android native mobile experience. The app would contain the most important features pulled from the client’s existing website, and use Google’s Material Design combined with the client’s branding to create a custom mobile experience.

The challenge was taking complex tables and graphs and simplifying them to be legible on mobile. As the sole UI/UX designer on this project, I focused on providing innovative ways to display the data and advising the client on best practices and usability recommendations for the mobile platform.



Time Keeping Portal

Energy Client

Enterprise | Web Concept | multi-role | Wearable tech

For this engagement, I co-performed on-site research and designed a concept for a solution solving the various pain points we uncovered. Through a combination of interviews and contextual inquiries, we found that some roles within the company were spending up to 24 hours resolving errors found on a single timesheet. 

The solution revolved around utilizing stored data, and linking systems to auto-fill a large portion of the timesheet, thus reducing manual input and human error. I designed a multi-role timesheet portal that allowed each role to interact with a timesheet all from one place as it moves through the process of creation, validation and approvals. 



Smart Home App

Energy Client

Consumer | ios Native | MVP

For this project, I collaborated with another designer to create an MVP for an energy client. The client wanted a custom app to allow customers to control their smart home products as well as advertise the company’s additional smart home product offerings all in one place.

The dashboard is completely customizable and allows customers to resize cards, hide/show cards and rearrange the card order based on their preferences.



Project Management Dashboard

Oil & Gas Client

Enterprise | Web Concept & MVP

The client wanted to create a custom project management tool for their internal use. This dashboard would work similar to Jira, however it would allow for even greater customization to fit the client’s specific processes and needs.

The initial engagement was a discovery with research and concept screens. The second project was an MVP, where I lead a junior designer on the client’s side to design all the necessary screens and flows for the project management dashboard.



Safety & Maintenance Checklist

Oil & Gas Client

Enterprise | iOS Native | ipad app

I worked with one of the world’s largest oil & gas companies to help them digitize their safety forms in a user-friendly and intuitive way. The challenges revolved around the need to design something easy to use and move around with in a harsh environment. It also needed to work with safety gloves on.

We created a system that could be reused for multiple form types and would be easy to add or remove fields from. Using best practices and visual hierarchy, we simplified the previously confusing forms to allow for better legibility and reduced time-on-task. We designed a large tappable area on all buttons and fields to ensure maximum usability.




Consumer | Internal project | Android native

I designed a smart helper for our front desk area to increase internal efficiency and reduce unnecessary interruptions. The smart helper aided delivery people by helping them autonomously contact the right people. It also allowed for brief inter-office communication and insight into team status.