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Energy Monitoring

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Energy Monitoring

Energy Client

Enterprise | iOS & Android Native | Wearable tech

I worked with one of the world’s largest utilities companies to help them update their customer-facing mobile application. The main challenge in the application was to ensure the dense data and alarm states were displayed in a way that was easily understandable to both the power user and the first-time user.


RFp, Phase 1


lead Ui/Ux Designer

secondary ui/ux designer, Design director, engineers


Key Design Challenges

  • Modernize the interface to appeal to client’s user base

  • Resolve usability issues with the dense, data-heavy UI

  • Redesign alert states to be more readily apparent

Key Responsibilities & contributions

  • Created a modular system to handle dense data in a legible way

  • Developed a warm/cool color system to allow for immediate identification of alerts

  • Sold client on the idea of utilizing wearable technology for alarms and notifications

  • Pitched the idea of utilizing weather data to create predictive alerts (to be implemented in Phase 2)



Information Architecture

Redesigned app map

Examples of the original mobile application



Modular Card System

The biggest challenge in this application was to ensure that the data-dense cards were accommodated in a way that is highly legible, functional, and customizable.

A combination of a grid structure and a wide, heavy-weight typeface allows for highest amount of legibility.

Cards are versatile based on the number of rows and/or columns, with modular parts that can be removed or added as needed.


Alert System

I utilized the client’s brand colors to create a system of cool tones for normal states and warm tones for alert states so that assets with alert states were prominent and quickly identifiable.


Data Views

The users needed access to large amounts of data, so I utilized the phone’s different orientations to ensure maximum legibility. In portrait mode, the user can see a full table of live price data. When rotating to landscape mode, the user can see a full graph view of the price data trends.


Smart Watch Component

I designed a wearable component for the app in order to utilize haptic feedback for superior notifications, and glanceable access to price and weather changes.


Android Native

We transformed the iOS interface onto the Android platform by utilizing Material Design patterns and UI styles.


Initial RFP Concept

Our goal for the RFP was to display a range of creative ideas for viewing weather, price data, and alerts with a modern look and feel.